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Garage Extensions

The Right Solutions To Your Needs

With garage extensions from Polar Home Improvements you can add an extra room to your property by changing your garage from a cluttered place to a space that’s more habitable. Whether you want to change your garage into a bedroom, a home office, perhaps a dining room and an area to entertain friends, even an extension of your existing kitchen and every day living space, to create a larger area for all of the family, or even a home cinema room or gym, we can help you. Perhaps you want to extend the existing footprint of your garage to give you more storage space, or room for an extra car, At Polar Home Improvements we can help you to plan a garage extension that will suit your requirements, to ensure that you end up with the right solution to suit your needs, as well as your budget.

Because the government relaxed planning permission laws last year, to make it easier for homeowners to extend their property, without having to invest in a costly legal process, the vast majority of garage extensions do not require planning permission, making it one of the easiest, most convenient and cost effective ways for you to take an existing disused area and extend your living environment.

Free Up Space To Give You More Room In Your Life

Whether you want to add a room to your property, or free your home from clutter by making more storage space available with a garage extension, talk to the experienced team at Polar Home Improvements about giving your home a boost by adapting your garage, and creating a whole new place for you and your family to enjoy, or free up space to give you more room in your life.