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Aluminium Windows

Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, WarmCore aluminium windows were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation. The unique, full width thermal core is key to why WarmCore windows are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminium systems.

Strong and secure, they come with multi-point locking, internal beading and are backed by a 10 year product guarantee – helping keep you and your home safe. Available in casement or tilt and turn windows, and with a flush sash option that brings the outer frame perfectly level with the opening part of the window. WarmCore aluminium windows are the prefect warm, secure and beautiful addition for your home.

With Polar Windows you get improved security, reduced noise, increased warmth as well as lower energy bills, while also improving the appearance of your home.

Purchasing your windows from Polar Windows is a sound investment for the future, and you will gain from a number of benefits including:

  • Our windows provide additional security thanks to the latest industry-leading locks
  • Reduce draughts and keep the heat in; reduce your energy bills and conserve energy
  • Advanced Performance energy efficient windows, achieve window energy ratings A-C
  • Reduce outside noise and create a quieter environment inside
  • Improve the appearance of your house with our modern and stylish windows tailor made for your home
  • Obscure (Patterned) Glass options available that can be used in all of our windows, where extra privacy is required, for example in entrance doors, bathrooms or in a conservatory side that adjoins your neighbours
  • All Polar Windows products are free from hexavalent chromium (Cr VI), years ahead of international targets

Are you wasting money every year on your energy bills? As the price of gas and electricity continues to rise, it’s important for many people to limit the amount of energy that they use and reduce their carbon footprint.

To improve the process of buying windows, they are all given Thermal Rating Register Window Energy Ratings which are thoroughly tested before they are rated.

Polar Windows has a wide range of solutions including uPVC double glazed windows that will help to make your home more energy efficient, saving you money and reducing your Co2 output; we offer a choice of windows with Thermal Rating Register Window Energy Ratings from A-C.

Just by making the change from single to double-glazed windows you could reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 720kg in a year. The average house will lose 20% of its heat through it’s windows; our uPVC casement windows are ‘C’ rated under the Windows Energy Rating scheme, which could mean an annual saving of £233.55 (this is based on the average family home with 3 bedrooms and gas central heating). Our uPVC windows are one of the most eco-friendly on the market, reducing Co2 emissions; keeping heat in and icy winds out, they can save you money, keep your house warm and reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to installing double glazed windows, the type of glass that you use in your windows can also help your home be more energy efficient. By using glass produced by Saint-Goban Planitherm (SGP) in your windows you will improve the energy efficiency of your home. The new energy efficient double-glazing from SGP, when installed in good quality window frames, will help meet the guidelines provided by the Energy Saving Trust.

Our uPVC Windows are recognised as energy efficient and include the following benefits:

  • Save money on fuel bills
  • Advanced Performance energy efficient windows achieving window energy ratings A to C
  • High performance windows reduce heat loss by 30%
  • All Polar Windows products are free from hexavalent chromium (Cr VI), years in advance of international targets
  • PVC -U profiles manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12608 are expected to last in excess of 40 years according to the British Standards Institute
  • PVC-U can be recycled over 10 times without deterioration in molecular quality and has a total life span of 400 years
  • PVC-U is a multi purpose material and glass and steel in the window unit can also be recovered
  • The PVC-U industry is committed to recycle 100% of collectable waste by 2010 as part of the Vinyl 2010 charter.

In addition, Polar Windows also includes Recycled Composite Material (RCM) reinforcements for its PVC-U window and door profiles, and we are committed to ensuring we offer sustainable solutions for future generations, by recycling and re-processing post industrial and post consumer waste. The introduction of RCM across our portfolio of window and door profiles is essential to our continued commitment to the environment.

RCM has been approved by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and has been added to their guide to construction products:

  • Manufactured from reclaimed composite material is fully and easily 100% recyclable
  • RCM is less conductive than steel increasing thermal efficiency making it easier to achieve a higher energy rating
  • More than 35 years life expectancy
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • User friendly, easier to install, lighter and easier to transport

At Polar Windows we operate a comprehensive environmental policy, which includes recycling a variety of materials as well as post consumer waste. Polar Windows continues to implement new procedures in order to minimise its impact on the environment. We work closely with our suppliers in order to ensure we use components and products that have minimal environmental impact and offer excellent whole life costings throughout their lifetime with minimal maintenance required.

With a wide range of styles as well as colour finishes to choose from, our uPVC windows will perfectly complement the existing style of your home, whether it’s contemporary, art-deco, ultra-modern, a traditional or period property.

Choose from a natural wood effect such as rosewood, light oak, or the classic white; whatever your style, we have the right finish to suit your home. Our colour coatings have been developed in order to bond effortlessly with the UPVC used during the manufacture of your windows, giving an incredibly smooth finish, and providing a protective coating that is low maintenance. Because our UPVC finishes won’t chip or crack you don’t need to worry about re-painting, simply wipe clean.

Colour Options

At Polar Windows we provide a number of glazing options to suit the style of your home, as well as improving your energy efficiency.

We can provide obscure (patterned) glass, available in a variety of different designs that can be used in all of our windows, doors and conservatories, where extra privacy is required, such as in entrance doors, bathrooms or a conservatory side that adjoins your neighbours.

The glass that you use in your windows can help your home be more energy efficient; by using glass produced by Saint-Goban Planitherm (SGP) in your windows you will improve the energy efficiency of your home; reducing you CO2 emissions and saving money on your heating bills. SGP glass is part of the Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) scheme and is more effective than single or standard double-glazing, it will help to:

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Reduce the amount of energy you use
  • Save you money on your heating bills

How Planitherm Works
Planitherm is different to standard double-glazing as it works in two ways. It reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows and it also allows more heat (energy) from the sun in through the window. This effect is known as solar gain; as it comes from the sun it won’t cost you a penny!

What’s more, windows containing Planitherm can achieve the EST’s Energy Saving Recommended status, when used with a suitable framing material it will normally achieve a minimum Window Energy Rating of C and can be upgraded to B or A by the addition of Argon gas filling or warm edge spacer bar technology. Planitherm Insulating Glass Units (IGU) are manufactured by approved licensed IGU processors then fabricated and sold through approved registered window companies across the country. Installing Planitherm will help reduce your household’s energy usage and CO2 emissions.

Saint-Gobain Bio Clean:
Saint-Gobain Glass (SGG) Bioclean self-cleaning glass will revolutionise the way you clean your windows; it has been designed for external use, either in the home or commercial buildings, both new build and refurbishment projects including:

  • Windows and patio doors
  • Conservatories, balconies and overhead glazing
  • Glazed facades, exterior shop fronts and display windows, overhead and atria glazing, street furniture
  • Hard areas to reach

SGG Bioclean can be used in all environments and is particularly effective in heavily polluted areas (e.g. near industrial estates and airports) and it must be installed vertically or in an inclined position, the advantages include:

  • The Most neutral self-cleaning glass available – no tint or reflective surface – looks just like normal glass
  • Much easier cleaning – less dirt and grime adheres to the glass
  • Less frequent cleaning – windows stay cleaner for longer
  • Save Money – the cost of window cleaning is reduced
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Permanent coating – lasts the lifetime of the window
  • Environmentally friendly – less frequent use of water and detergents
  • Now available with an advanced performance solar control coating.

How it Works
SGG Bioclean harnesses the power of both UV light from the sun and rain to efficiently combat dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window (dried water marks, organic atmospheric pollutants, dust, sea spray and insect residues). The performance of the self-cleaning action can vary depending on the amount and the type of dirt the windows are exposed to, the total exposure to light and rain the glass will receive and the incline of the window. To activate the coating, the glass must be exposed to natural light for several days; the length of time required will depend on the season and the orientation of the glass.

Polar Windows tilt and turn windows are made from high-grade uPVC materials, incorporating the highest quality components that are available on the market. Our tilt and turn uPVC windows are subjected to extensive testing, and are manufactured to incredibly high standards, utilising the latest technologies. At Polar Windows we are so confident in the quality of our custom made tilt and turn windows that we offer all of our customers a ten year guarantee as standard, at no extra cost, which takes effect from the date of installation.

With uPVC tilt and turn windows from Polar Windows and our ten-year insurance backed guarantee, you can be confident that you are investing in the best solution for your home, with ten years protection and peace of mind.

Polar Windows uPVC tilt and turn windows are tested by BM Trada, who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), BM Trada test the general performance of our windows annually under laboratory conditions, simulating storm force winds and torrential rain, as well as opening and closing the window tens of thousands of times to ensure the quality of the hinges and handles.

For more information about Polar Windows’ uPVC tilt and turn windows, call our Freephone number:
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Below is a list of some of the questions we are most commonly asked about our products. If you have any questions about our range of windows, doors or conservatories then please call us on our Freephone number:
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How much will it cost me to replace my windows and doors?
All homes are different and the cost of replacing your windows or doors will vary depending on a number of factors, including the shape and the size of your windows and doors. Because we provide tailor-made solutions and offer different glazing and casement options, we would need to book a consultation with you in order to further understand your requirements before providing you with a pricing example. You can book a home visit from one of our double glazing specialists by calling our free phone number: 0800 0820576 or emailing us at:, one of the team will be happy to book you an appointment at a time that is convenient to you.

How long will your double-glazing specialist need to measure up and discuss my options?
Our double glazing specialists like to be thorough in their approach when they come to measure up your property and discuss the options that are available to you, it can take up to an hour, sometimes a little more, sometimes less, but we like to make sure we have everything covered before we leave your home.

How long will it take to install my new windows and doors?
It’s hard to confirm exactly how long your installation will take as every home is different. If you are living in a new property it is often easier and can be done fairly quickly, older properties can take a little longer and be more complex, timescales are variable depending how many windows and / or doors we are fitting on that day. The average family home undergoing a complete refit takes roughly 3-4 days, once we know the exact details of your requirement we can provide a more accurate estimate.

Do you sell Energy Rated Windows?
At Polar Windows we provide a number of glazing options that help to reduce carbon emissions and your energy bills. Please see ‘Energy’ and ‘Glazing’ tabs for more extensive information on the options that are available to you.